JSW will manage and create any event to your own individual vision. Our extensive library of suppliers and our knowledge of the latest developments allow us to guide and advise clients. Led by your aspirations, we bring experience and a common sense approach to create your vision

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Operations & Events

Operations management is vital to ensure any event or production successfully achieves its goal. Our Operations teams use cloud based scheduling and task management systems to execute the build/show/break of events. We have long believed that the communications and pre production planning are paramount in staying on time and budget. If you decide to work with us we will dedicate a Production team for the full schedule. This helps us to ensure the continuity and clarity of the production remains the same throughout the design & Build process.

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Artist Relations, Liaisons & Advances. We know from years of experience how this is an area of many events that gets forgotten about. Here at JSW we think that the more the artists are informed and kept happy, the longer the event shall grow in success and kudos. With this our Artist relations team predominantly come from a touring background and are fully understanding of the importance of information sharing and preparations with all departments leading up to the event. Our artist relations team can support you in the following areas: Artist Advances, Artist Liaisons & Event Support, Rider budgeting and ordering, Ground Transport, Backstage & Dressing Room Facilities.

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JSW produces documentation for every aspect of the Event and Entertainment Industry; from inception to workshop, to build, to live, to load-out.

Our range of Event Safety services include:
– Safety Advisory Group attendance and Liaison
– Event Risk Assessments
– Safety Policies
– Safety plans
– Safe operating procedures
– On site compliance
– Crowd Management Systems
– CDM Regulation Processes
– On site Safety Teams
– Site Safety Inductions
– Traffic Management

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